As a professional services firm, we are delighted to provide top-tier deliverables and unmatched customer service. Our second-favorite thing is receiving their acknowledgment, applause and accolades. (Our favorite, of course, is creating effective programs that drive response!)

Here are some of the happy comments.

John Szal

"Spherical Concepts launched a campaign to revive a business segment that had gone dormant for a couple of years. We generated a 26% response rate and re-engaged with previous customers and eager new prospects. The sales doubled in that market segment from the prior year. The First Name Basis team is creative, responsive to our needs and very tech savvy. We can highly recommend them"

Spherical Concepts, NIC.John Szal
Founder & C.E.O.
Spherical Concepts, Inc.

Karen Fry

"You're fast and good..."

Be Love - Pass it On
Karen Fry

Founder & CEO
Be Love - Pass it On, LLC

Malinda Wilkinson

"This is a better deal than I realized! And thanks for the quick turnaround!  We just might get this all done before I have my baby!


Malinda Wilkinson
Senior Marketing Manager
Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Andrea Lordan

"You made this ridiculously easy!"

Andrea Lordan

Dartmouth '86 Alumni Class

Karen Davis

"The 'Think Round Photo Challenge' is great.  Thanks for coming up with this creative approach!"

Karen Davis
Director of Operations
Spherical Concepts, a Subsidiary of Herff Jones, Inc.