Consulting & Training

There are ten critical elements to a successful and effective business-building  multi-channel, multi-touch marketing program.The First Name Basis team has lots of knowledge and experience about all ten, and we're happy to create a turnkey marketing campaign for our clients.

We also have a strong history in workflow and business process consulting, as well as creative direction. Our pros are ready to support you and your group in building and deploying your own campaign. You do what you do best, and we teach you how to do the rest.

Support for Printers

Today's marketplace is demanding change. Printing companies are expanding to become Marketing Service Providers. With help from First Name Basis and implementation support on our hosted online platform, printing companies are able to easily and economically offer advanced marketing capabilities for their customers.

Support for Marketers

Our consultative process works for small businesses, or business unit mangers in larger organizations. They're able to deploy leading-edge marketing programs very rapidly, at a very reasonable cost. 

First Name Basis is your source for the skills and resources  you don't yet have. We provide an "a la carte" option to rapidly build a powerful next-generation direct response program using the people, talent and technology you have at hand.