Response Marketing - Taken Personally

First Name Basis does “next generation" cross-media marketing. It’s personalized direct mail, personalized email and online content tied together into fully automated campaigns. We help our clients build more business by getting the right message to each and every prospect at the best time through the most appropriate channel, and track all of the responses.

Get more business in your pipeline!

These advanced, multi-channel marketing programs are a highly effective way to move prospects through your sales pipeline to build more business. This process may seem very complicated, as you can see in our somewhat whimsical workflow illustration. The First Name Basis team has a strong record in bringing these programs online and making them as effective - and cost-effective - as possible.

A well-crafted marketing program moves each of your contacts through the business cycle

  • From "suspect" to prospect
  • From prospect to proposal
  • ...proposal to first time buyer
  • repeat customer
  • top client
  • "most favored nation"

We've identified ten critical elements to a successful and effective business-building  multi-channel, multi-touch marketing program.